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The format of almost all our projects can be adapted to: 

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– Internship

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Spacecraft Attitude Determination Using Artificial Intelligence and Light Curves

Create a portative module for type 1 observation station

Orbital parameters determination via ground radar stations

Testing and validation of an X-band receiving station for satellite tracking

Implementation of a synchronized TDOA multiple RF stations

Automated satellite detection algorithms for activity validation

Explore the possibilities of SatNOGS for Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

Design an AI tool to predict satellite activity, dangerousness and failures

GNSS and SATCOM multi-purpose satellite: a case study with protective measures for small debris and radiation

In orbit cross-link communication using radio

Satellite two-line elements (TLE) quality control

Cellphones density analysis

Detection of wide band signals with narrow band acquisition

Compression algorithms for RF signals

Orbital Optimization: Very Low Earth Orbit Satellites through Advanced Propulsion and Aerodynamic Design