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My Master Thesis project, entitled ASTRA, was an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the power of antennas in the context of Space Situational Awareness (SSA).

By applying a theory-to-hardware approach, I learned that you can’t make something better before you make it work, which is invaluable in order to produce a fully operational and useful product in a given timeframe.

Space Campus is a stimulating environment which has access to vast network of experts in many fields, making it the perfect place to learn and exchange about many space-related topics!

Dimitri Hollosi

Project: Automated Sensor Tasking Reporting analysis

I did a four-month internship at the Space Campus. It was a really pleasant place to work, and I had everything I needed there.

My project was to improve maneuver detection, so I was free to identify and rectify errors. I really liked this freedom and working on many different topics.

I learned various topics like orbital dynamics and new languages like Java. I also improved my skills in Python and signal processing.

Alexandre Clin

Project: Evaluation of orbital maneuvers

I saw a job post on the ISA career portal. My project was about developing a visualization tool for satellite density, given a set of filters. The project used Angular as its new framework. My task was to migrate the legacy to Angular and improve on top of it.

I learned a lot about Angular and TypeScript as they were entirely new to me. In addition, I strengthened my understanding of maintaining a seamlessly efficient workflow, adeptly employing the Git version control system within a professional environment. Yet, the highlight of my achievements transpired through combining 2D geometry knowledge with the unique coordinate system inherent to HTML. This combination has given me a formidable arsenal to grapple with diverse challenges accompanying my forthcoming web development undertakings. In terms of soft skills, I honed my capacity to prioritize tasks in alignment with the demands of clients judiciously.

Simultaneously, I collaborated closely with my colleagues, adeptly navigating a labyrinth of issues and updates while preserving the spirit of resolving problems independently.

Paulina Xinran Tao

Project: Develop a Mapping Tool (GIS) for Orbital Space Visualization